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    Announcement: · 【the government contribute】Fang Yuzhong from Yanji government office of Jilin province: Yanji--Start the Engine of Venous Industry to Speed up Sustainable Development · 【The exclusive interview 】The Talk about Low-carbon by the Vice-president of Beijing’s People’s Political Consultative Conference · 2012 China International New Energy Vehicles Industry Promotion Week   
    China Research Society of Urban Development (CRSUD) is a national community group specializing in urban economy, society and ecology development study to provide services for urban reform and opening up, construction and management. CRSUD under Chinese Academy and Social Sciences (CASS) is a level-A community group officially registering at the national government.

    Mr. Li Tieying of Vice chairman of the 10th National People’s Congress and Mr. Chen Zongxing of Vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee are in charge of general advisors. Mr. Cheng Andong of former governor of Shaanxi province is in charge of chairman of the board. Since establishing in 1984, CRSUD has being experienced 28 city studies and developed 483 member cities. According to the constitution, the current mayors of the cities are directors or executive directors of the CRSUD.
    Political News
    Gloucestershire badger cull falls short
    "Up to to the end of July, a further 20,000 perfectly healthy cattle have been hauled off to slaughter at horrendous expense to the taxpayer because we've lost control of TB."    [more]

    Sustainable development and pragmatic cooperation of medium and small cities and towns of China and Italy
    Contribution The original Interview
    【The exclusive interview 】The Talk about Low-carbon by the Vice-president of Beijing’s People’s Political Consultative Conference
    A few days ago, our reporter interviewed Guoxiong Cai, one of the members of the 11th national committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference. As deputy chief engineer of Chinese power science    [more]
    【The government contribute】The Exploration and Practice of Science Development for An Inland Center City—Xi'an
    Editor’s Note: Cities, as the geographical concept of a sustainable development, is the comprehensive product, which includes economic, cultural, population and etc.And the main body of the definition is human and the condition is environment and the pillar is the economy.    [more]
    【The overseas contribute 】Smart Grid research in Ontario, Canada: Accelerating grid evolution
    About the author: Dr. Yijun Song was appointed to represent Ontario in Beijing and took up his post serves as Counsellor (Commercial – Ontario) in the Canadian Embassy in Beijing in October 2007. He was the first Representative of the Government of Ontario in China to head Ontario International Marketing Centre in Shanghai.    [more]
    Facing new situations and new problems in the process of urbanization, industrialization and internationalization of China, in the context of economy development growth mode changing the Department of Research and Consultation (DORAC) under the China Research Society of Urban Development (CRSUD) takes the advantage of self strengths to accept commission from every circles and carries out the following specified areas.

    1. 【introduce foreign famous exhibition into China, accept foreign commissions to host, co-host and undertake various professional forums and symposiums and provide high-end government and business resources and professional planning service】

    With over 10 year international exchange and cooperation experience and resources of over 100 famous specialists, scholars and 483 city members and their mayors, we introduce foreign exhibitions, related activities and forums and symposiums into China and provide most optimized all-phase professional service.
    2. 【introduce foreign advanced Low-carbon technology to dock in Chinese cities】
    Basing on many year services for our 483 member cities, meeting their different requirements, we help foreign advanced technology to dock in Chinese local cities including development zones and industrial parks.
    Policies and Regulations
    Gold in trees leads to hidden deposits
    Dr Mel Lintern, a geochemist from Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), said: "We've found a lot of the easy deposits in Australia and elsewhere    [more]

    Urban and Industrial park
    Mdina Grand Prix cars on display at Smar
    Scrutineering will be done by a team of specialists responsible for checking the cars for safety and engine specifications. Once the cars are certified, no other modifications will be    [more]

    Environmental Exchange
    Smart City
    3. 【help foreign funds docking with the best Chinese projects, provide professional services for Chinese large enterprises to invest abroad】
    Attracting international investment organizations and world’s top 500 enterprises to China to carry out field trips, we provide the over-all planning and follow-up services to facilitate investment docking. We also provide services of “Going out ”for Chinese enterprises, such as recommending Chinese large state-owned enterprises, high technology development zones, new energy auto industrial bases and industrial parks to invest and cooperate with foreign counterparts.
    4. 【carry out international exchange and provide strategy and promotion services for establishing friend-relationship between the Chinese and foreign city 】
    With the successfully international exchange experience of DORAC cooperating with more than 40 countries and over 10 years, we provide all-round professional planning and promote all-phase implementation for establishing friend-relationship between the Chinese and foreign city.
    5. 【accept foreign commission to carry out researches specified in the field about China City issues, provide or release industry or area study reports】
    Overseas Investment
    Tackling climate change: Copenhagen's su
    Visualise the world in 2050: convex streets that collect water from superstorms and pocket parks that absorb heat and can be turned into reservoirs. Welcome to Copenhagen, where planners    [more]

    Industries and enterprises
    Best of summer Buzzfeeds: chemicals, con
    After three months of weekly bee updates, we at Buzzfeeds have decided to redirect our focus to take a deeper look at the declining bee population by switching to a new, monthly feature.    [more]

    Professional Exhibition
    Low-carbon technology
    Technology Forum
    Low-carbon Living
    Key Cooperation
    Relying on the advantage of the National Intelligent Think Tank of Chinese Academy and Social Sciences, we accept foreign commission to provide services such as academic investigation and research, statistic analysis, forecast reports of China cities, areas or industries.
    6. 【carry out media campaigns and take the advantage of internet and traditional media resources to provide all-media integrated and high-end propaganda 】
    Internet media of Chinese Urban Low-carbon Economy Network (CULCEN) sponsored by DORAC is the first official web site which is the most authoritative in China. It is the best choice for foreign governments and industries. Cooperating with other Mainstream Medias such as China Central Television (CCTV), Economic Daily, China Daily, etc., CULCEN establishes all-media propaganda platform for Chinese and foreign cities,carries out activities such as producing brand image videos, broadcasting the feature films on CCTV, etc., helps Chinese and foreign cities to make their brand famous and well known, to upgrade their image and to expand their influence.
    7. 【organize people in charge of Chinese Cities or enterprises to take part in training abroad and undertake exchange projects from foreign countries】
    We organize people in charge of cities and enterprises to go abroad to participate studying, investigating and training activities and accept commission for foreign scientific research organizations to provide exchange cooperation projects. We also arrange foreign visitors to have meetings with Chinese city mayors and famous scholars and provide professional planning and designing services about investigation content and schedule for foreign visitors.
    City liaison
    Beijing Zhouliyun
    Tianjin Zhangjunyi
    Shanghai Xuqiang
    Chongqing Huibiaoquan
    Hangzhou Dongjianping
    Nanjing Huyingchun
    Shijiazhuang Hezhiwei
    Taiyuan Xingwenqi
    Hohhot Zhanghuanhong
    Shenyang Penglin
    Changchun Zhanghaizhi
    Harbin Zhangbaozhu
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